Post Malone’s 20 Most Innovative Outfits

Post Malone is a rapper and music artist who broke into the music industry suddenly, but his following has made sure to keep him relevant. His music is making waves and he always presents a new outlook on music. While he is most known for his rapping, he is very musically inclined in other areas as well. Not only does he rap but he also plays anything from country to alternative. His tastes are very diverse, which flows right into his fashion choices.

Overall, his personality, his music, and his fashion all play very unique roles in the industry he is part of. He has brought a new perspective to mainstream success with his more laid back chill vibes. But he doesn’t just stop with the genre bending and rule breaking when it comes to his music; he also experiments a lot with his fashion sense.

He goes out of his way to rock anything from vintage band tees and jeans, to designer suits, to even flamboyant pink blazers. He’s not afraid to flaunt his style and to have fun with what success has brought him. Many people have pointed out his eclectic styles in his music and fashion, and it makes him stand apart. Many have also ridiculed him for wearing fitting clothing because he’s not 100% all beefed up, but at least he rocks his clothes in his own unique way.

Post Malone definitely has a crazy fashion sense, which is reflected by his choice in fits, designs, and styles. Here are some clothes the rapper has gone for that you’d never see most people wearing.

20 Pink Letterman Look

From his crazy expression to his very very pink jacket, this jacket is a whole lot to take in. In this look he has his signature braids and bangs, with what looks like a vintage tee of some sort, covered with a pink athletic styled jacket. He also has some sharp black slacks on to balance this crazy look, but some would argue he doesn’t quite pull it off. We all know how men typically feel about wearing pink, so it’s great to see a guy in the spotlight, especially in the rap industry, flaunt his flamboyant without a care in the world this look just goes to show how much fun he likes to have with experimenting with his fashion. Whether or not the look is successful is a different story. He’s chosen to style this look with his grills and a silver watch that probably cost more than most people’s rent.

19 Gold Necklace and Black On Black Look

In this look he’s decided to keep it simple, but his overall personality influences this look quite a bit so we had to include it. This outfit is definitely a good reflection of Post Malone’s style. Many people have associated this look with Post Malone, simply because he always includes many of these elements in some way or another. In this look he is wearing four gold chains, a black shirt open with a red arm band on the right arm, and a simple black tee underneath everything. He of course has his signature grills. One thing about this look that stands out is that instead of his braids and bangs, he’s tied up his hair. This look was actually right before he became popular, which explains the different hair, but it still is interesting to look back on in the meantime. It’s interesting how his style has gotten even more over-the-top after achieving more fame.

18 A Classic Tee For A Classic Band 

Post Malone decided to wear a vintage looking tee that says Iron Maiden . He’s paired this look with his classic wavy hair look. These vintage tees have been trending all of 2017, so it’s no wonder seeing a rockstar like Post Malone wear something like this, even if he’s just being comfy in the airport. This seems to be one of his favorite tees, because he has worn it several times. He seems to be an avid collector of interesting t-shirts. The look is certainly bold, but it looks more messy than anything. One thing’s for sure: this outfit looks completely comfortable for a long plane ride.

17 The GQ Look

In a very extravagant photoshoot for Forbes, Post Malone is shown here lounging comfortably on a couch in some very expensive looking attire. That’s one thing about Post Malone that makes people take a second look; he can go from a vintage grungy tee to a full on fur jacket and white slacks without blinking an eye. In this look he’s seen with his wavy locks styled a little more neatly than they usually are, a white fur blazer, and a fitted pair of white slacks. This outfit looks pricey, but whether or not it’s worth all that money is questionable. This outfit definitely sends a message, but it doesn’t seem to suggest that Post Malone is interested in looking elegant. Rather, he is all about standing out.

16 Hot Pink Shoes & White Coat Look

We’ll give you a minute to take in this look, because we know it can be quite a lot. This extremely eccentric outfit is a prime example of how the confidence that Post Malone has 24/7 that carries him through a variety of crazy looks. This very outlandish outfit is something that very few people would ever wear, especially other rappers who are always trying to project an aura of swag. He’s sporting a long duster coat that reaches the floor. He’s paired this with a matching patterned suit that looks like pyjamas. This look would be a bit more sleek if it didn’t have the solid white jacket to take the look over the edge into wacky. He’s decided to add a pop of color with some red pink shoes. This is the kind of outfit that exemplifies Post Malone’s perspective on style: go big or go home.

15 The Ferrari Bag And Red Slippers

This look and attitude are both shocking and eclectic to the max. Post Malone has decided to sport a button-down dress shirt that’s white with some black Dickies. But his accessories are what make this outfit choice a very strange and different look all together. He’s paired a red cross-body bag that’s hanging from his neck with some matching red slides and socks. These two splashes of color seem intentional, even though it’s such a casual outfit. This outfit just shows how much he really pays attention to the coordination he wants in his looks, even if it seems haphazard and messy to others. He wants to make a statement, even if it’s something that’s casual and simple. Of course he not only showcases his style with this outfit, he also goes out of his way to showcase his edgy attitude. This is definitely a look that we are not used to seeing on rappers.

14 The 80’s Fur Coat Look

This photoshoot is certainly eye-catching. Here, the stylists paid homage to Post Malone’s usual style by putting him in a tailored suit with a huge fur coat and with his usual offbeat hairstyle. This look is quite rare to see from Post Malone, as he is usually dressed much more casually. Even though he dresses up in more formal attire often when on the red carpet, it’s rare to see him in a full-blown custom suit. But for photoshoots he always seems to pull it together a bit and tries rocking a style he might not be super comfortable with, which is why so many people pay attention to his style. While the fashion stylists on this shoot nailed his typical look, it’s still not the kind of boss look that rappers tend to usually go for. The huge fur coat is a little old but he manages to pull it off.

13 The Comfort Look

This is the look that Post Malone chose to wear at a Grammy Museum event! That proves right there that he doesn’t just put on a show for the red carpet; he will wear whatever he wants whenever he wants. That’s a true sign of not caring what other people think, which is admirable. It’s nice to pay respect to an event by dressing appropriately. He slipped on some pointed shoes that look like they belong on a cowboy to top off this strangely casual look. This is the kind of attitude that people except Post Malone to have, but it definitely doesn’t send the kind of message that a more elegant look would have. This is the kind of look that seems to convey that he doesn’t care what others think and is willing to back it up.

12 The Sharp Suit 

We just had to include another suit, because this time he’s upped his fashion game with the pose, the glasses, and the black and white palette. Like we mentioned before, it’s rare to catch Post Malone wearing a basic suit like this, but he still manages to give it his usual vibe. When he adds those tinted sunglasses and his silver watch, we know he means business. This photo captures how laid-back Post Malone is at all times, even in a sharp suit. From how he’s leaning on the fence, you can just tell he has no care in the world. He’s probably leaning there thinking he looks great and has music awards of every sort. But in all seriousness, many of his fans would love to see him rock a tailored suit more often, because he looks like a sharp gentleman. Maybe he could tidy up his hair to make the look more cohesive.

11 Tucked in & Cuffed

This outfit looks like the ultimate early Post Malone style, pre-bangs. He’s wearing a fitted white shirt that’s tucked into his cropped black slacks. He’s paired this look with a plaid belt and some gold chains and a pair of simple white sneakers. The outfit is one of his more understated looks, but it still looks a little messy and mismatched. The ratty t-shirt tucked into the black pants look a little strange, and the classy belt is an odd touch, considering the rest of the outfit.

In his attempt to look cool and like he doesn’t care, Post Malone often ends up looking a little careless. However, it is evident that anyone’s opinion on his style is meaningless to him, and we have to commend him for that level of confidence in himself and his styling decisions (regardless of how odd they may seem to others).

10 The I Just Woke Up

This bedhead look is a staple on Post Malone, but it definitely isn’t GQ. He’s seen here wearing just a simple striped tee that looks like it might be a thrifted vintage piece. But what really makes this look stand out the most is the fact that he doesn’t have his hair in his signature style of braids. But when he posted this picture he actually got a ton of support with people saying that they wish he would leave his hair natural because it looks great on him. But it does look quite different than his personal style. A little combing would solve all issues and give him a more refined.

When discussing his interest music, he said, “I started making music… I guess I was 12, and I started playing Guitar Hero. And you know, it got to a point where on expert, you can only exceed to a certain point. And so, you know, I was like, ‘Let’s play real guitar. Let’s not waste more time.’ So, I got my mom, I told her to buy me a guitar for Christmas, and I started making music then.”

9 Classic Malone

Post Malone is seen here wearing one of his most casual outfits yet. He’s wearing a vintage baggy tee with some black pants, but just like all of his other looks, he just brings a whole new level of messiness to something that’s super simple. He simply wears whatever he wants at any time. People probably wouldn’t even be surprised if he wore this to a red carpet event. Even though this outfit might be something you would wear on a very casual Saturday morning while not wanting to do anything with your day, it’s something Post Malone has decided to flaunt and be himself in. We can’t criticize his bold attitude, even though the outfit is not the most fashion-conscious choice.

8 Ready For Meetings

With this look Post Malone has stuck with his signature tucked in style, which creates a strange effect with his more casual look. He’s chosen to wear a vertical striped polo. His hair is back in braids and he probably even has his grills in place. He happens to also be wearing a classic western style belt that might be vintage, and some casual pants. He’s topped off the look with some leather dress shoes to class up the whole look, but it just seems to be mismatched. The whole look might be a little messy, but we love how he’s not afraid to be himself, even when taking these fashion risks.

When discussing his musical influences, he said, “In New York, my dad raised me to listen to everything like hip-hop, rock and country music. When I moved to Dallas, I started listening to whatever I wanted to listen to.”

7 The Cowboy Artist Look

Post Malone doesn’t have a care in the world, even if he’s wearing some dark designer shades outside at a desert after-party. He’s living his best life and nothing can stop him, not even the stares of confusion of those around him. He’s seen here with his earthy cowboy leather jacker, a white muscle shirt, and dark shades. Even though the whole look screams Post Malone, those very outlandish glasses are even bold by his standards. While they aren’t the most stylish pair, they show he’s not afraid to live the life he wants. Who cares what people say, right?

6 A Pop of Vibrant Color Look

Just like all of his other signature looks, this classic button down shirt tucked into some slacks, he’s decided to mix it up a bit with a pop of color. In this case, instead of red, he decided to mix it up with some mustard yellow. We’ll see this mustard color again on this list, but it is a fan favorite just like the red. Not that he listens to people who give out style advice, but he does love to add pops of color for a bit of excitement. The look is definitely a lot to take in.

When discussing his rise to fame, Post Malone has said, “It has been wild, you know? I started out just putting a song that I made out on the internet without being sure if anyone was going to like it, and it took me on tour around the world with Justin Bieber. It’s been amazing!”

5 The Mustard Look

Once again Post Malone is seen wearing that mustard yellow shade. Even though this is a close up, you can still see some details of his outfit choices. Not only is he wearing a casual mustard color tee, but he’s also wearing some candy necklaces as well, clear nail polish, a very expensive microphone and a look that says a thousand words. We never thought we would see all of these elements together in one outfit. Calling his style flamboyant is definitely an understatement.

He often includes feminine things in his style and outfits, even if people hate on his style choices because of this. It takes a lot of guts for him to wear some black nail polish, even though that is quickly changing in the society we live in today. We might not understand his bizarre fashion choices, but we support his right to wear whatever he likes.

4 Messy Tee Day Look 

Here is another picture featuring this classic Post Malone vintage tee that we’ve mentioned. We decided to include this just to show that even though you’re famous, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the same type of thing twice – even if the item in question is a t-shirt that most people wouldn’t leave the house wearing. There are so many famous individuals that believe they need to wear something new and exciting every single day to make an impact. There are people like Kanye West who are meticulous about the little details in every outfit, and care about projecting the right image every time they leave the house. Then there are people like Post Malone, who don’t seem to care at all if they are caught looking dishevelled. We have to commend Post Malone on his carefree attitude, even if this look is a huge fail.

3 Fur All Day Look

Here is another photo of Post Malone wearing what appears to be his grandmother’s vintage fur coat. He is seen here posing confidently outside in another outlandish outfit. He’s wearing his hair in braids and has wrapped himself up in a huge fur coat that he always likes to incorporate when he can. He looks like he is wearing something fairly simple underneath his coat, with some pointed western styled dress shoes that clash with the fur coat. This look is one that really requires some major confidence to wear, but as we know, Post Malone might style, but he certainly does not lack confidence.

His approach to style seems very similar to his spontaneous approach to music. He once said, “There are times pop music is the end result when I’m in the studio, but I don’t really go in and say, ‘Today I am going to make a pop song,’ but it can happen.”

2 Untamed Hair Look

You might not even realize that this is actually Post Malone, but it is! In this photo of Post Malone you can clearly see that he doesn’t have his braids in and his hair is a bit all over the place. He’s also wearing a baggy and ratty t-shirt and some classic sweats. He looks a bit younger as well and as you can tell this was before he cut his signature bangs. This outfit is some serious throwback when it comes to his style. But when you look at this outfit you can clearly see some influences that he still enjoys today in his own fashion. One thing people love to point out when it comes to the fashion that Post Malone enjoys is the fact that he really does enjoy experimenting with casual fashion, cheap clothing, and very expensive clothing. He likes to mix high and low when it comes to fashion, with varying levels of success. This outfit looks like something you’d throw on to pick up the groceries, but Post Malone wears it with confidence.

1 The Three Piece Look

Here we see Post with his hair down in this luxurious editorial look. He’s also wearing a bright red three-piece suit. Of course when he’s pulling off his fancy looks he has to include some kind of fur as well. In his hand he’s holding a soda can and he has a huge smile on his face because, as usual, he’s full of confidence. You can tell with this look he’s on top of the world and nothing can stop him from dressing how he wants. At the very least, you have to give that to him. He pulls off his looks through confidence alone, even when they make no sense to anyone else.

Overall, Post Malone’s fashion is changing how people view celebrities, specifically celebrities in the music industry. He breaks boundaries with his style and he doesn’t let the hate get to him. If he wants to wear a vintage tee from the thrift store with a student loan priced watch, he will. Even though fashion-conscious rappers like Kanye West wouldn’t ever be caught wearing his outfits, at least Post Malone is always having fun.